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Consign an Item

If you would like to consign an item with Empire Tack, email us at: Please provide pictures of your item, and a description of the item including its condition (areas of wear, cracking, etc.), age, size, and serial number (if applicable). If we determine we're able to take your item on consignment, we will send you a consignment contract along with more details about the consignment process. We will also purchase items outright if you are looking for a quick sale!

Commission fees for saddles are 15% of the total sale price. Other tack and accessories incur a commission fee of 30% of the sale price. 

We are currently only accepting high-end French saddle brands such as Devoucoux, CWD, Voltaire, Antares, PJ, Arc de Triomphe, Bruno Delgrange, Tad Coffin, Butet, Childeric, etc. 

For other tack & accessories, acceptable brands vary. We are looking for brands and styles currently popular on the A Circuit (i.e: French brand accessories, Edgewood bridles, EquiFit boots, and so on). If you are unsure whether or not your item meets this criteria, just send us an email and we will give you an answer one way or another!