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Trials, Returns, & Refunds


1. The length of the trial period is 3 days. The day your item is delivered is considered the 1st day of your trial. For instance, if your item arrives on Tuesday, your trial will end on Thursday. The trial period is your opportunity to inspect the item and ensure it fits you and/or your horse. All items are sold as-is. We do not offer warranties on any of our products.

2. If you do not contact us by the 4th day with an answer as to whether or not you are keeping your item, the sale becomes final and you will not be able to return your item. If you do decide to return your item, you will have an additional three business days after the trial ends to ship the item back to us (this does not include the transit time; this only means you must initiate the return within three business days). There are no exceptions to this, so please be aware of your time-frame!

3. If you find yourself in need of a longer trial due to special circumstances (i.e: poor weather, lesson was cancelled, etc.), you can arrange a trial extension. This should be done before the end of your trial. 

4. You are responsible for any damages to your item during the trial period. Please be mindful of this and use caution when handling and trying your item.

  • Only breeches should be worn when trying a saddle (no jeans!)
  • Do NOT ride or use items in poor weather as this could lead to rain spots
  • Use care when putting on & removing irons/leathers. It's so easy to slip and scratch the leather with your nail or your irons! We recommend covering your irons with socks when the saddle is not being used. 
  • Items should be stored in your home away from pets and smoke. Please do not store the item in your garage, trailer, car, etc. 

If an item returns damaged, an appropriate deduction will be made to your refund based on the drop in value of the item. 

Note: If you receive an item that you believe was damaged during shipping, contact us immediately. Please do not use the item before we reply. 


Please follow this procedure for all returns:

1. Notify us via email that you would like to return your item. Remember, you must contact us no later than the 4th day since receiving your item (the day directly after your 3-day trial ends) that you would like to start a return. 

2. Ship your item back to Empire Tack within three business days of the end of your trial period. You are responsible for all return shipping & insurance costs. Please ship to this address:

Olivia Tyler
136 South Rd. 
Somers, CT 06071


If you fail to ship your item back within this allotted time-frame, a charge of $25 will be deducted from your refund for each additional business day it takes you to ship the item. For instance, if it takes you five business days total to ship the item since your trial ended, you will receive a deduction of $50 from your refund. This only applies to the time it takes for you to initiate the shipment and get the package on its way - this does not apply to the actual transit time. 

3. Shipping carriers: please ship your item back using either UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail. Do not ship with any other methods through the post office as they can significantly slow down transit time, and they are difficult to track. 

You must insure the package for the item's total purchase price, and you must also get a tracking number for your package. Empire Tack is not responsible for any damage to the item during shipment, nor can we be held responsible if the package is lost during transit; therefore, it is in your best interest to insure the package in case something happens. 

In the event that an issue does arise, it is up to you (the buyer) to file the insurance claim and deal with your shipping carrier. Empire Tack will deduct your refund appropriately for the damage/loss, and you must then seek compensation through your carrier. We are not responsible for carriers that deny damage or loss claims. If your claim is denied, it is still your responsibility to pay for the damages/loss.  

Please be aware that most shipping carriers have certain packaging requirements that must be followed in order to receive the protection of the purchased insurance, so be sure to check with your shipping carrier to ensure the packaging complies with these standards. 

4. Packaging: 

  • Wrap saddles with bubble wrap, taking care to put extra padding and protection on the pommel and cantle areas. Please, do NOT use any packing peanuts! They do not properly protect the saddle, and it can be very time-consuming to remove them from the small openings and crevices of the saddle. Other tack and accessories should also be covered in bubble wrap, if necessary.  
  • Try to use the smallest box possible when shipping a saddle. This prevents the saddle from shifting and moving around during shipping. 
  • Please be sure not to put tape directly on the item. This could leave a residue and damage the item. 

5. Once your package has been shipped, please email us the shipping method you chose along with the tracking number for the package.



Once we have received your package, we will send you an email confirming that the package has arrived. Your return will be processed within three days of receiving the item. We'll also send you an email notifying your when refund has been sent. Note: even if we have cleared the refund on our end, this does not necessarily mean your credit card company will have processed the refund as well. It could take several days for your credit card company to process the transaction. 

Shipping & insurance costs are not refunded. In addition, if the item is returned damaged, an appropriate deduction that reflects the item's loss of value will be made to your refund. If there is a problem with the returned item, you will immediately be notified and made aware of the issue. 

Due to the fact that we are representing sellers who have trusted us to sell their items, we cannot accept returns or initiate refunds after the final sale has been made, as this would be unfair to our consignors. For this reason, please be sure you've made all of your inspections and evaluated its condition/suitability before notifying us of your final decision. 


Thank you for taking the time to read through this page. Your adherence to these guidelines makes the whole process much smoother. We look forward to helping you find your dream tack!